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About Star Hydraulics & Pneumatics, LLC.

Company History

about Star Hydraulics

Star Jack Company was founded in 1947 by Frank Jakoubek to design and manufacture hydraulic lift jacks. Over the years, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, swivels and related items were added to the product line. As a result of these new products, the company became Star Hydraulics. Frank sold the company to Jack Tindall in 1969. The Tindall family added products, equipment and expanded the manufacturing facility.

After Jack's passing, the company was sold to Alkon Corp. in November 2012 with Brian Althoff becoming the new president. Since that time, Star has made significant improvements by investing in new equipment, implementing Lean manufacturing techniques, initiating 24 hour delivery on standard products, improving on-time delivery for all orders, shortening lead-time on custom products and improving Star's overall quality. In 2014, Star Hydraulics became certified to ISO9001:2008 by NSF International. In late 2016, Star began shipping pneumatic cylinders for the truck market. With Star's commitment to continue its expansion into pneumatic cylinders, Star has changed its name to Star Hydraulics & Pneumatics.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Star is to provide our customers with high quality products, on-time delivery and effective customer service. We work toward these goals each day through the use of our ISO9001 procedures, continuous improvement culture, Lean process tools, investments in new equipment and comprehensive training of our associates.

Commitment to Quality:

Since Star's early days, our products have been designed to not only work in some of the most rugged environments, but to continue working for years and years. When Alkon purchased Star, we expanded on our commitment to quality by implementing ISO9001:2008 in 2014 and passing our initial NSF audit with flying colors. Since 2012, we have attacked root causes of quality issues from all sides. We started by improving our test equipment together with improving our First Article Inspection and In-Process Inspection procedures and training. This reduced much of the special processing that regularly occurred in our assembly/test department.

With our use of Lean for improved set-up, continuous improvement, 5S and occasional Kaizen events, we have further improved our processes, our quality and our costs. Star continues to invest in new equipment as we have recently brought in new turning centers, bar feeds, robotic welding, a new saw and some process specific equipment. We have upgraded a variety of fixtures to reduce variation and provide better and more consistent product to our customers. We have upgraded our internal and external training capabilities to use best practices and improve the quality and flexibility of our workforce.

Brian Althoff
President, Star Hydraulics

What’s new at Star?

 January 2019:

We are pleased to announce that Keith Cauldren has joined Star Hydraulics as our new Director of Sales and Marketing. With Star experiencing extensive growth in 2018, Keith's industry experience with sales and marketing will be very beneficial to Star and our customers. In addition, his knowledge of organizational transformation, leadership and operational excellence will help make us a much better company. Keith has over 20 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies in sales, sourcing and operations. Prior to joining Star, Keith was involved in our industry as a Sourcing Leader at W.W. Grainger, Inc. as well as an outside salesman for Alkon Corporation.

 Mike Lenisa has become our Director of Quality and will help us improve our quality in all areas. He will work with suppliers, customers and internally to better assess and improve our costs of quality. Mike will continue to work closely with our operations and sales teams. Prior to this new position, Mike was heading up our Technical Sales and Customer Service group. is excellent knowledge of our products and processes along with his previous auditing background make him the perfect choice for this new role. Mike has a background in machining, teaching and working with customers. His work with operations and knowledge of Lean Manufacturing concepts gives him a terrific understanding of the processes and needs for continued improvement in the quality area.

Our company continues to improve and change, and the 3 minute video below gives you a good idea of our products, personnel, equipment and facility. It was put together by Manufacturing Marvels and is a short, well done video intended to give you a good look at who we are and what we do.