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Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

STAR HYDRAULICS will build the custom cylinder to meet your special requirements - prototype and quantity.

  • When you can't buy the cylinder you need off the shelf.
  • When you aren't sure how a cylinder should be designed for your application.

Design and Engineering Capability : For over 50 years, Star Hydraulics has provided the specialized knowledge and skill required to analyze and solve hydraulic cylinder problems. Star builds special cylinders in any quantity, hydraulic and pneumatic, from a single cylinder to hundreds.

  • Single or Double Acting Cylinders
  • Telescopic
  • Pressures up to 15,000 P.S.I.
  • Capacities to 1500 Tons
  • Bores to 24 inch
  • Strokes to 20 feet
  • Solid and Hole-Thru Rods
  • Double rod end
  • With stroke indicating devices.
  • We also use a wide variety of materials to meet all operating conditions.
  • Corrosive atmospheres
  • Extreme heat and cold
  • Special hydraulic fluids
  • Special valving can also be built into your cylinder.
  • Where extremely adverse environments exist, Star can design cylinders for optimum performance.

Star uses a wide variety of Materials: Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Bronze and Stainless Steel. Every type of Seal: O-Rings, T-Seals, U-Cups, Vee Rings and Piston Rings. In all Materials: Buna, Viton, Teflon, Urethane and Cast Iron.

Meticulous standards of design, engineering, and manufacturing assure dependable cylinder performance, long life, and minimum maintenance. In addition, at Star we pressure test 100% of our products before shipping to assure you of a properly functioning cylinder ready to be used in your application.

If the cylinder you require for your application can't be purchased "off the shelf", click on the "Request Information" button and fill out the specification form.