Custom Hydraulic Pumps

Star now provides a variety of 3/8″ fittings and accessories for our pumps. These are standard high quality fittings, gauges, valves and hoses. And for our air-powered pumps, Star provides air hose and connections for the air side of the pump. Now, our customers have the option to purchase the pumps and fittings needed to configure their hydraulic pump system with just one purchase order. A list of the accessories, details and pricing are in the attachment and can be downloaded from this page. In addition, we also identify typical system configurations and the corresponding components on our sell sheets for our air and electric powered hydraulic pumps. When purchasing accessories for hydraulic pumps, make sure to match the psi rating of the accessories with the psi rating of the pump and/or your specific hydraulic system.


In addition to adding accessories to customize your pump, Star also has the ability to modify or design new pumps in order to match a unique application. Often, customization can be accomplished with components common to our standard designs, but we can also customize blocks, pistons and other design features as needed. Some of the more common accessories used to customize a pump are listed below.

Common Pump accessories:

  • 4 way valve
  • Sight glass
  • Gauges
  • Carrying Handle
  • Valves, fittings, clamps, hose



  • Extended pump lever
  • Extended release lever
  • Special seals (ie: arctic seals for low temperature use)
  • Custom reservoir size
  • Paint color
  • Plating material
  • Port type (such as SAE ports)
  • Overload settings
  • Mounting holes and slots
  • Special Piston materials
  • Soft seat release


  • Special test, valve setting and certification requirements
  • Ganged (multiple) pump configurations
  • Custom Pump base plate
  • Reversed pump handle
  • Pump block, overload and release valve customization
  • Addition of a special cylinder


Star’s customer service and engineering personnel will assist you with any customization that is required. Whether we receive a drawing your drawing and specification or provide one to you, we strive to meet your special requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.