MK2329 (Stock)

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Star Manifold Mounting Hand Pumps provide a low cost, efficient means for manually developing or increasing pressure in a hydraulic system. Whether used as the primary pump for a hydraulic system, or a standby pump for emergencies, they furnish reliable hydraulic power to operate presses, valves, doors, safety locks and other devices. They are complete pumps with suction and pressure check valves but without release and overload valves. Designed to mount in your manifold block in a standard SAE O-ring port, they eliminate the need for a costly valve body. The lever socket is free to rotate 360ยบ allowing the pump to be operated from any position around the axial centerline.

  • Designed to mount in a modified SAE O-ring port (see drawing)
  • Pressure: to 5000 PSI
  • Piston: ground and hard chrome plated
  • Body: aluminum
  • Supplied with 18″ operating lever except MK2331 which has a 24″ lever

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Lever Force per 100 PSI2.0 lb
Adjustable Overload Relief ValveNo
Pressure Release ValveNo
Body MaterialAluminum
PistonHard Chrome Plated
Displacement per Stroke0.38 in
Manifold CavitySAE-10
Maximum Pressure Rating5000 PSI
Operating Lever Size18 in