MK1728, Wire-line Oil Saver Piston Pumps

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These MK1728 Single-Piston pumps are specially designed and manufactured for use in wire-line oil saver applications on oil rigs. These pumps include a pressure release valve controlled with an easy access metal release knob. These solid, heavy-duty manual pumps have a built-in 160 cu-in reservoir.

Maximum Pressure Rating5000 PSI
Piston Diameter1.50 in
Volume per Stroke0.66 in3
Lever Load at 5,000 psi140 lb
Reservoir Total Volume155 in3
Assembly Weight26 lb
Body MaterialSteel


  • Single-piston design with durable all steel body
  • Piston is ground and hard chrome plated
  • Provides pressure up to 5,000 psi
  • Manual pressure release valve with easy-to-use knob
  • Supplied with a 24″ operating lever with grip
  • 160 cu in. reservoir with breather
  • Pumps are shipped without oil

Other Industry Products

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