Air-Powered STA-10x Series Pumps

The STA-10x models are basic, foot-activated air pumps with different reservoir sizes

These pumps are made of lightweight, durable heavy-duty anodized aluminum to provide a balance of toughness while reducing overall weight. They operate in all types of weather over a wide temperature range. They can safely deliver up to 10,000 psi of hydraulic pressure for a variety of applications. These models provide excellent oil flow delivery resulting in more work in less time. They utilize a two-stage release for fast ram return while keeping hydraulic shock to a minimum. These models come with a variety of different size reservoirs with a standard reservoir size of 98 cubic inch and options of up to 454 cubic inches.

Item # Air Pressure RangeOil CapacityOperating PressureOutput Flow - LoadOutput Flow - No LoadSeriesMounting
STA-102 40 - 140 psi183 in310,000 psi1377STA-101Foot Actuated
STA-101P 40 - 140 psi98 in310,000 psi1377STA-101Foot Actuated
STA-101 40 - 140 psi98 in310,000 psi1377STA-101Foot Actuated