Air-Powered STA-40 Series Pumps

This versatile air pump can safely deliver up to 10,000 psi of hydraulic pressure for a variety of aplications. When an air supply is available at your job site, it is quick and easy to use this air pump. using air power reduces the operator fatigue that can occur when using a manual hydraulic pump.


  • Portable to any job site having compressed air.
  • Superior reliability – Designed using minimal parts for maximum reliability.
  • Balance of Toughness and weight – A lightweight, compact design made of durable heavy-duty anodized aluminum provides toughness while reducing overall weight.
  • All weather performance – Seals and other components selected for best performance over a temperature range of 135F to 250F.
  • Utilizes a 360 degree swivel hose connector for increased flexibility to work in any position.
  • Exclusive “air-thrust” design rapidly takes up slack, putting the cylinder rod or tool in its work position very quickly.
Item # Air Pressure RangeInlet Port Size (NPTF)Oil CapacityOperating PressureOutput Flow - LoadSeriesType
STA-40 40 - 140 psi3/8 in37 in310,000 psi12STA-40Foot Actuated