Double Acting Hydraulic Pumps

Without Oil Reservoir
Without Overload Relief Valve
Without Manual Pressure Release Valve

  • Pumps oil when lever is moved in either direction
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Wetted parts are of aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel: can be used with water
  • 100% O-ring seals: locally available
  • Pistons are ground stainless steel, hard chrome plated
  • Leak proof O-ring ports
  • Mounts on horizontal or vertical surface
  • 24" operating lever included

This double acting pump delivers oil when the pump lever is moved in either direction. This feature provides a more even flow of oil than a single acting pump, which delivers oil in one direction of the lever travel.

Item # Inlet Port Size O-ring TypeLever Load per 100 PSIMaximum Pressure RatingNet WeightOutlet Port Size O-ring TypeVolume per Cycle
PDA4 9/16-187.8 lb1000 PSI11 lb9/16-182.9 in3
PDA3 9/16-184.5 lb1500 PSI10 lb7/16-201.97 in3
PDA2 (Stock) 9/16-183.9 lb2000 PSI10 lb7/16-201.50 in3
PDA1 (Stock) 9/16-181.6 lb4000 PSI7 lb7/16-200.75 in3