1 Ton (t) Foot - Operated Hydraulic Jacks

In a single, compact lightweight unit, Star has combined an efficient pump and durable cylinder that produces one ton lifting capacity. The model HF500 Jack is easy to operate-takes only 4 1/2 pounds of pedal force per 100 pounds of load, and it is fast acting. For each stroke of the folding pump foot pedal, the cylinder piston rod moves 1/2 inch. The unit has a built-in release pedal for rapid lowering, and the Jack is equipped with lugs that make it easy to mount. Star provides several standard stroke lengths, but custom lengths are also available subject to the limitations shown in the specification table below.


  • Full 2000 pound lifting capacity
  • Easily operated pedal type pump
  • Hard chrome plated piston rod and pump piston
  • Release pedal for rapid lowering
  • Folding foot pedal
  • Top-of-stroke Relief Valve to prevent over-extension
  • Optional overload relief valve


  • Maximum stroke with 2,000 lb. load with no eccentric loading
  • Cylinder and rod pinned ends - 25" stroke maximum
  • Cylinder fixed and rod guided - 40" stroke maximum
  • Minimum stroke length - 4"
  • Force required on pedal = 4.5 lbs. per 100 lbs. of load
  • Piston rod travel per pump stroke - 1/2" stroke
  • Custom stroke lengths are available

Lift Jacks with Overload Relief Valve:

  • Will prevent extension of rod if applied weight is above the overload value
  • Overload relief valve - factory set overload value
  • To order this part, add "-RV" to the part number (i.e: HF500-12in-RV)

Typical Custom Modifications:

  • Custom stroke length
  • Compact pedal
  • Foot pedal tread plate
  • Rod thread type
  • Special paints available for food and medical applications
  • Paint color
  • Special mounting holes and slots
  • Special Piston materials
  • Soft seat release

Specifying Customization:
Star's customer service and engineering personnel will assist you with customization that is required. Whether we receive your drawing and specification or provide one to you, we strive to meet your special requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Item # Load Capacity GuidedStroke LengthTotal Length ExtendedTotal Length RetractedWeight
HF500-stroke-RV 2000 lbMaximum - 36, Minimum - 4 inchMaximum - 79, Minimum - 15 inMaximum - 43, Minimum - 11 in lb
HF500-9IN (stock) 2000 lb9 inch25 in16 in13.0 lb
HF500-7IN (stock) 2000 lb7 inch21 in14 in12.0 lb
HF500-36IN (stock) 2000 lb36 inch79 in43 in26.5 lb
HF500-31IN (stock) 2000 lb31 inch69 in38 in24.0 lb
HF500-25IN (stock) 2000 lb25 inch57 in32 in21.0 lb
HF500-19IN (stock) 2000 lb19 inch45 in26 in18.0 lb
HF500-15IN (stock) 2000 lb15 inch37 in22 in16.0 lb
HF500-12IN (stock) 2000 lb12 inch31 in19 in14.5 lb
HF500 custom 2000 lbMaximum - 36, Minimum - 4 inchMaximum - 79, Minimum - 15 inMaximum - 43, Minimum - 11 in lb