With Oil Reservoir
With Adjustable Overload Relief Valve
With Manual Pressure Release Valve

Star two-speed Hi-Lo pumps provide rapid movement at low pressure for the part of a cylinder’s stroke where no work is encountered. The pump automatically switches to high pressure when the cylinder must deliver maximum push or pull force. Changeover from high volume-low pressure to low volume-high pressure occurs automatically at approximately 300 PSI. Star’s unique valving allows a single 24″ lever to be used for both high pressure and low pressure pumping so there is no need to interrupt pumping to move the lever to another socket. The hand operated model has a choice of screw or cam release. Built-in reservoirs of any size may be specified. The adjustable overload valve will be set at the maximum pressure at the factory unless a lower pressure is specified by the customer. The overload can be adjusted by the customer in the field, if required.


  • 2 speed pumps that provide pressure up to 20,000 PSI
  • Rapid movement at low pressure when minimal work is needed
  • Switches to high pressure to deliver maximum force
  • Automatic changeover occurs at approximately 300 PSI
  • Foot operated versions available
  • Includes Manual Pressure release valve with screw of cam release
  • Customer specified overload relief valve setting
  • Supplied with standard 80 cu”, 160 cu” and 250cu” reservoirs, optional sizes are available
  • Reservoir breather-filter
  • 24″ operating lever included with hand pumps
  • Available in Stainless Steel

Design Details:

  • Steel pump bodies
  • Pistons ground and hard chrome plated

Design Notes:

  • Factory overload will be set at maximum unless a lower pressure is specified by the customer.  To specify a pressure, add to end of the part number (ex: CPS04-80-7500)
  • All CP04 pumps have a unique port to handle the high pressure requirements.  See the CP04 port drawing for detailed information on this port configuration.
ReleaseScrew Release
Oil Reservoirtrue
Manual Pressure Release ValveYes
Body MaterialSteel
PistonHard Chrome Plated
Maximum Pressure Rating10000 PSI
Piston Diameter1 1/2-1/2 in
Volume Per Stroke Small
Lever Load per 1000 PSI12.0
Outlet Port Size (NPTF)3/8 in
Reservoir Volume80
Net Weight33 lb
Operating Lever Size24 in


    Limited Warranty

    All Star pumps are covered by a limited warranty on materials and workmanship for one year from the date of manufacture. Star will repair or replace at its option any pump in which Star finds manufacturing defects. In order to get warranty service a pump must be returned to the Star plant freight prepaid with a written explanation of the problem.

    Technical Data

    Light hydraulic oil is recommended for use with Star pumps. Oils with SUS viscosity of 75 to 150 at 100 degrees Fahrenheit will give satisfactory performance (ISO grade 15, 22, or 32). In an emergency situation when the above oils are not available, use 5 W or 10 W motor oil or automatic transmission fluid.
    All exposed surfaces of standard Star pumps are painted with one coat of industrial quality paint. Pumps painted with special colors with two coat finishes, or with prime coat only, and pumps with special plated or polished parts, are also available.