Economy Model Manual Hydraulic Pump

Our most economical self contained hand pumps provide a low cost efficient means for manually developing or increasing pressure in a hydraulic system. Whether used as a primary pump for a hydraulic system or a standby pump for emergencies, they furnish reliable hydraulic power to operate presses, valves, doors, safety locks and other devices.

  • Maximum pressure is 2800 P.S.I.
  • Available with or without pressure release valve
  • Various mounting styles available
  • Lever┬ádirection optional
  • Pistons ground and hard chrome plated
  • Aluminum pump bodies.
Item # Lever Effort per 100 PSIManual Pressure Release ValveMaximum Pressure RatingNet WeightPiston DiameterVolume per Stroke
MK1930A (Stock) 3.0 lbLess Release Valve2800 PSI3 lb3/4 in in3
MK1930 (Stock) 3.0 lbWith Release Valve2800 PSI3 lb3/4 in in3