Hand Operated hydraulic Pumps - SP-A & SP-A-PL Series

Without Oil Reservoir
Without Adjustable Overload Relief Valve
Without Manual Pressure Release Valve

These pumps, either base or flange mounted style, have only check valves. They have no reservoirs, overload relief, or release valves, and are used on equipment that has its own reservoir and control valves. These pumps provide a low cost efficient means for manually developing or increasing pressure in a hydraulic system. In emergencies they furnish reliable hydraulic power to operate presses, valves, doors, safety locks and other devices.


  • Available in hand or foot operated versions
  • A flange mount version is available
  • Provides pressure up to 10,000 PSI
  • Supplied with a 24" operating handle or foot lever
  • Often used as a stand-by pump for emergencies

Steel (standard) - design details:

  • Piston is ground and hard chrome plated
  • Standard pump has an all steel body

Stainless Steel - design details:

  • Available in 100% stainless steel or with "wetted" parts made of
    brass and stainless steel
  • Piston is ground and hard chrome plated
  • We have Bronze piston designs available for use with water applications
  • Excellent choice for medical, food handling, corrosive environments and
    in wash-down applications
Item # Lever Load per 100 PSIMaximum Pressure RatingMountingNet WeightPiston DiameterVolume per Stroke
SP6A-PL 20.0 lb500 PSIFlange Mounted10 lb2 in4.71 in3
SP6A (Stock) 20.0 lb500 PSIBase Mounted10 lb2 in4.71 in3
SP5A-PL 11.0 lb1000 PSIFlange Mounted10 lb1 1/2 in2.65 in3
SP5A (Stock) 11.0 lb1000 PSIBase Mounted10 lb1 1/2 in2.65 in3
SP4A-PL 7.7 lb1500 PSIFlange Mounted10 lb1 1/4 in1.84 in3
SP4A (Stock) 7.7 lb1500 PSIBase Mounted10 lb1 1/4 in1.84 in3
SP3A-PL 4.9 lb2500 PSIFlange Mounted10 lb1 in1.18 in3
SP3A (Stock) 4.9 lb2500 PSIBase Mounted10 lb1 in1.18 in3
SP2A-PL 2.8 lb5000 PSIFlange Mounted10 lb3/4 in0.66 in3
SP2A (Stock) 2.8 lb5000 PSIBase Mounted10 lb3/4 in0.66 in3
SP1A-PL 1.23 lb10000 PSIFlange Mounted10 lb1/2 in0.29 in3
SP1A (Stock) 1.23 lb10000 PSIBase Mounted10 lb1/2 in0.29 in3