Foot Operated Hydraulic Pumps - FP-AC Series with Reservoirs

With Oil Reservoir
With Adjustable Overload Relief Valve
With Manual Pressure Release Valve

Star FP series pumps have built-in reservoirs. Foot operated FP series pumps have pedal type pressure release valves that free the operator's hands while the pump pressure is being released.
Maximum pressure of the foot pump is 5000 PSI. The adjustable overload will be set at the maximum pressure at the factory unless a lower pressure is specified by the customer. The overload can be adjusted by the customer in the field, if required.

  • Maximum pressure 5000 PSI
  • All steel pump bodies
  • Pistons: ground and hard chrome plated
  • Reservoir breather filter
  • Standard reservoir volume to 250 cubic inches-larger sizes available
  • Available in stainless steel
Item # Foot Lever Load per 100 PSIMaximum Pressure RatingNet Weight w/o OilPiston DiameterReservoir VolumeVolume per Stroke
FP6AC-80 37.0 lb250 PSI22-26 lb2 in80 in34.71 in3
FP6AC-250 37.0 lb250 PSI29-34 lb2 in250 in34.71 in3
FP6AC-160 37.0 lb250 PSI25-29 lb2 in160 in34.71 in3
FP5AC-80 21.0 lb500 PSI22-26 lb1 1/2 in80 in32.65 in3
FP5AC-250 21.0 lb500 PSI29-34 lb1 1/2 in250 in32.65 in3
FP5AC-160 21.0 lb500 PSI25-29 lb1 1/2 in160 in32.65 in3
FP4AC-80 14.5 lb750 PSI22-26 lb1 1/4 in80 in31.84 in3
FP4AC-250 14.5 lb750 PSI29-34 lb1 1/4 in250 in31.84 in3
FP4AC-160 14.5 lb750 PSI25-29 lb1 1/4 in160 in31.84 in3
FP3AC-80 9.2 lb1250 PSI22-26 lb1 in80 in31.18 in3
FP3AC-250 9.2 lb1250 PSI29-34 lb1 in250 in31.18 in3
FP3AC-160 9.2 lb1250 PSI25-29 lb1 in160 in31.18 in3
FP2AC-80 (Stock) 5.2 lb2500 PSI22-26 lb3/4 in80 in30.66 in3
FP2AC-250 5.2 lb2500 PSI29-34 lb3/4 in250 in30.66 in3
FP2AC-160 5.2 lb2500 PSI25-29 lb3/4 in160 in30.66 in3
FP1AC-80 2.3 lb5000 PSI22-26 lb1/2 in80 in30.29 in3
FP1AC-250 2.3 lb5000 PSI29-34 lb1/2 in250 in30.29 in3
FP1AC-160 2.3 lb5000 PSI25-29 lb1/2 in160 in30.29 in3