Foot Operated Hydraulic Pumps - FPAC-LR & FPAC-PL Series without Reservoirs Hydraulic Pump

These Single-Piston pumps are solid, heavy-duty, versatile manual pumps that are to be used with a hydraulic system having a built-in reservoir.  These pumps are available in base or flange mount and include both adjustable overload valves and pressure relief valves.  The standard model provides a simple screw pressure release valve for a controlled lowering speed.  An easy to use CAM pressure release valve is also available for a time-saving method to release pressure.  Other options are available including, foot operated models, stainless steel versions and 4 way valve models.Features:

  • Multi-use pump for developing or increasing hydraulic pressure
  • Factory set overload relief valve
  • Manual pressure release valve with screw, cam or foot release
  • Provides pressures up to 10,000 PSI
  • Supplied with a 24" operating handle or foot lever


  • Base or Flange mount
  • Hand or Foot operated lever
  • Screw, CAM or Foot activated pressure release valve
  • Standard steel or Stainless Steel versions
  • Lower Pressure setting if customer specified
  • 4 way valve configuration

Steel (standard) - design details:

  • Piston is ground and hard chrome plated
  • Standard pump has an all steel body

Stainless Steel - design details:

  • Available in 100% stainless steel or with "wetted" parts made of brass and stainless steel
  • Piston is ground and hard chrome plated
  • We have Bronze piston designs available for use with water applications
  • Excellent choice for medical, food handling, corrosive environments and in wash-down applications

P-LR Design Notes:

  • Adjustable overload will be set at maximum unless a lower pressure is specified by the customer.  To specify a pressure, add to the end of the part number (ex: P1AC-LR-8000)
Item # Maximum Pressure RatingMountingPiston DiameterVolume per Stroke
FP6AC-PL 250 psiFlange Mounted2 in4.71 in3
FP6AC-LR 250 psiBase Mounted2 in4.71 in3
FP5AC-PL 500 psiFlange Mounted1 1/2 in2.65 in3
FP5AC-LR 500 psiBase Mounted1 1/2 in2.65 in3
FP4AC-PL 750 psiFlange Mounted1 1/4 in1.84 in3
FP4AC-LR 750 psiBase Mounted1 1/4 in1.84 in3
FP3AC-PL 1250 psiFlange Mounted1 in1.18 in3
FP3AC-LR 1250 psiBase Mounted1 in1.18 in3
FP2AC-PL 2500 psiFlange Mounted3/4 in0.66 in3
FP2AC-LR 2500 psiBase Mounted3/4 in0.66 in3
FP1AC-PL 5000 psiFlange Mounted1/2 in0.29 in3
FP1AC-LR 5000 psiBase Mounted1/2 in0.29 in3