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Available in Acrobat Reader.pdf format for download.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can get a free copy at the Adobe Web Site


Hydraulic Pump Solid Models

Solid Models of Standard Star Hydraulics Manual Pumps for Insertion into Engineering Drawings.

Download a Solid Model of your pump: (All files are in ACIS format.)

All CAD files include only one (1) piston size since mounting dimensions are not affected. HF500 jack comes in 10" stroke only; drawing will have to be stretched to your desired stroke.


Standard Product Drawings

Drawings of Standard Star Hydraulics Manual Pumps.

Download a .pdf file of your pump model.


Repair Kits

To select the right repair kit for your pump, enter the information requested below. Standard seal material is NITRILE, for other seal materials please call the factory

Repair Kits

For Star “P”, “CP” & “SP” hand and foot operated pumps

1.50" 2.00" 3.50"
Screw Cam Foot No Release
.50" .75" 1.00" 1.25" 1.50"
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

For Star “PDA” pumps

Repair Kits

.625" .875"

For Star “PH” pumps

Repair Kits

.50" .75" 1.00"

For Star “PS” pumps

Repair Kits

Yes No

For Star “HF500” jack, QH525 and QH550 post straighteners

Repair Kits

HF500    QH525    QH550